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Perfect for the adrenaline junkie, Cairns offers a range of extreme adventures for those wanting to get their blood pumping. The lush rainforest and breathtaking mountain range just a couple hours’ drive from Cairns city centre provide a jaw-dropping backdrop to the many heart-stopping experiences that await you—if you dare.

Nobody wants to bungy jump somewhere boring and ugly. Luckily, it’s no secret that Northern Queensland is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The aspiring bungy jumper is spoiled for choice. Whether you’d like to leap into the bowels of a lush tropical rainforest, get a giddying view of towering mountains or take a running jump towards a gushing waterfall, North Queensland offers a dizzying array of choices.

They say you should try everything once. In Cairns, adrenaline junkies in search of brand new thrills are spoiled for choice. If you’ve never heard of the Minjin Jungle Swing, you’ll want to find out first-hand what thrills this hair-raising ride offers. Swing through the jungle at incredible speeds. One moment you’re face down and looking at the forest floor, the next you’re staring up at the sky. The Minjin Jungle Swing will ensure you get a view to remember!

As the innovators of modern day Bungy, AJ Hackett prides itself on developing and running the world’s most exciting, adrenaline pumping challenge for any thrill seeker. Set in lush tropical rainforest of North Queensland, AJ Hackett Cairns has been Bungy Jumping for almost 20 years, offering a huge jump menu of 16 different styles that tests even the most hardcore adrenaline junkies!

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Flying on the multi-person Minjin Jungle Swing and reaching speeds of up to 120kph in 3.5 seconds is AJ Hackett’s way of experiencing extreme speed and acceleration together! With 1, 2 or 3 mates the Minjin Jungle Swing takes you above the rainforest canopy, then with one almighty tug on the release cord, soar through the trees.

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